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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay to use this?
Nope. Hypeshot is completely free!
What devices does Hypeshot work on?
Hypeshot only works on your laptop & on Google Chrome
If you are trying to sync your leagues or use Hypeshot on mobile or iPad, it will not work
Having issues syncing your leagues?
  • Make sure that you are using a laptop not a mobile device
  • Check that you are using a Google Chrome Browser
  • Make sure that you are not on incognito
How do I set up Hypeshot?
Setup Process:

As soon as you install the extension, you will need to create a Hypeshot account to sync all of your leagues for each fantasy provider you have.

Once you enter our website dashboard, click on “Add a League.” You will then select ESPN, Sleeper, or Yahoo and be re-directed there and back. Choose all the leagues you would like to import.

For fantasy basketball we currently only support ESPN

Set a username if you like and that’s it!
Do I need to be in a fantasy league to use Hypeshot?
No, you only need to be in an ESPN, Sleeper, or Yahoo league to track your fantasy players. Anyone can use Hypeshot Chat.
Which sports does Hypeshot support?
Hypeshot currently works for the NFL and the NBA!
Which fantasy platforms does Hypeshot support?
For football, Hypeshot works for ESPN, Sleeper, and Yahoo Fantasy.
For basketball, Hypeshot works for ESPN Fantasy
Can I connect multiple fantasy leagues with Hypeshot?
Yes, you can! You have to just connect it from your dashboard on our website.
Product specific
What streams can I use Hypeshot on?
Currently, we support many of the popular free streams such as Buffstreams, WeakStreams, 6Streams, StreamEast, and Crackstreams, as well as YouTubeTV and most paid streams.
Does Hypeshot work on full screen?
Hypeshot should work on full screen on most websites, but there are websites that it may not work perfectly on.
Hypeshot seems to not be loading on a webpage. How do I fix this?
Sometimes Hypeshot may not work on the first try. Refreshing your webpage may fix a lot of these extension issues.
I have other issues. How do I get in touch?
Message us on Twitter @HypeshotHQ or on Discord!